Barktober is here!

The October Bark Box is here and it is spooktacular!  This month’s box came with a ton of awesome stuff! One of Maple’s favs is a Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Mummy, which she has been carrying around in her mouth like it’s her baby…sooo cute!! It’s a durable, plush squeaker toy. It looks like a mummy and it’s perfect for Halloween. The Halloween themed box also came with Max & Ruffy’s Pumpkin Patch Bites. They are organic and GMO-free. They do not contain any dairy, animal products or preservatives. They are nothing but wholesome goodness and Maple has been eating them up. She also enjoyed snacking on the Snicky Snaks Cinnamon Crunch Bar, which looked and smelled delicious! It’s also organic and made from healthy ingredients you can feel good about. We can’t forget about the Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick, which Maple had to fight off both her feline siblings for and the Heartland Premium Weasand Strips, which disappeared in seconds. Last, but not least is the Petprojekt Squeeki Skull.  Unfortunately, the skull couldn’t stand up to Maple’s determination and she chewed it up in no time. She did however have a blast tossing the squeaky skull up in the air and chasing it around the house, before she decided it needed to rest in peace.





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