Comfortably Coexisting

When we first adopted Maple, I had these wonderful, warm and fuzzy images in my head of Maple and our two cats, Monster and Minga becoming great friends and spending their days playing, sleeping and cuddling.  Things did not exactly play out that way.  Minga, our sensitive one, was absolutely petrified of our newest family member.  She started developing severe urinary tract infections from the stress, she began hiding from us, and she stopped playing like she had done before Maple arrived.  I felt so horrible and guilty about how these life changes had affected our sweet girl.  She now had increased visits to the vet, which alone creates a lot of trauma for Minga, but she also no longer felt comfortable in her own home.  I know it sounds dramatic, but I really felt like I had ruined her life.  She went from being a happy, affectionate little girl to one who was always sick, scared and isolated.
I worried that this would now be her reality.  Now my images of the three of them had gone from cute and cuddly, to just hoping they could learn to coexist with one another.  Just when it started to feel like that would never happen, we started to see glimpses of Minga’s old personality.  It has taken about a year and a half, but she is finally starting to come around and get back to the sweet, affectionate cat we once knew.  She doesn’t curl up with Maple just yet, but I think there’s still hope! They now share meals together, hang out near one another and even sleep in the same room together.  Once in awhile, we even catch Minga purring and rubbing up against Maple.  I am so happy and relieved, and no longer feel like I have ruined Minga’s life.
Luckily, our other cat, Monster, had no problem adjusting to Maple’s arrival and they get along wonderfully (they do actually curl up together and play with one another).  So even though it was a bumpy road, I finally feel like everybody is happy, healthy and maybe even, dare I say, enjoying each other’s company.






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