Delightibles are just delightful!

Awhile ago I was feeling a little guilty because I think sometimes we spoil Maple a little more than the cats.  It’s not that we love her more, it’s just that she demands more attention, and sometimes we give in more than we should.  So on my way home from work recently, I stopped and picked up some cat treats for Monster and Minga.  I can’t remember the brand of the cat treats, but both cats turned their noses up at my offering, batted the treats around for awhile and then eventually walked away, leaving me to clean up the mess!

I decided to try again with some gourmet cat treats from Delightibles.  These ones were a success!  Monster and Minga were climbing all over me, trying to steal the treats right out of my hand!  Delightibles are wheat free, corn free, made without the use of artificial preservatives and come in six flavors:  Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Turkey, Beef and Dairy.  Monster and Minga loved their new Delightibles cat treats so much that they wanted to share the wealth!  Check out the Maple & Friends Instagram account @mapleandfriends to enter a giveaway for the chance to win a box of Delightibles cat treats for your own fur babies.

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