No More Shedding!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE having pets.  Maple, Monster and Minga are members of this family and nothing will ever change that.  However, I am a bit of a neat freak, and I absolutely HATE all the dog and cat hair that seems to endlessly appear in every crack and crevice of this home.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much I clean, I still catch a tumbleweed of dog fur rolling down the hall, as soon as I put the vacuum away.

I’m here to tell you that I think I have found the solution!!  During our many trips to the dog park, I have caught on to the fact that the huskies (Stryder, Alaska, Lola and Laika), as well as our German Shepherd friend Leader, seem to have it figured out.  They have something called a FURminator and I promise you, it will change your life.  I’m so excited about the FURminator!  I’m already starting a mental list of all the things I will be able to do with my free time, now that my life won’t be consumed by vacuuming and pet hair!

I can’t believe how effective the FURminator is.  I used it on Maple, as well as the cats, and after just one brushing session, they have silky soft fur and do not seem to be shedding.  The FURmintor won’t completely eliminate your need to vacuum (sorry), but the company claims to reduce shedding by 90%, and I totally believe it.

Check out their products here and click here to buy the one we bought for Maple and the cats.  Don’t let the price scare you.  This is not an ordinary pet brush.  It is a pet grooming tool, a time saver and maybe even a life saver.

Maple Sleeps 5

4 thoughts on “No More Shedding!

  1. Sam

    I love using the Furminator on my clients animals – works great in combination with the Furminator shampoo and condition and high velocity blow drying to release all the dead hair 🙂

  2. Beth

    My dog Sophie has a double coat. The last time I took her to the groomers they asked if I wanted them to use the Furminator on her. They were able to remove so much of her undercoat that she looked like she had lost weight. She looks great and my my sofa looks better too 🙂


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