Automatic Cat Feeders

Minga loves food!  I mean, she really really loves food.  She used to wake me up every morning around 4am, begging me to feed her.  She would do anything to get my attention.  She would meow incessantly, bite me, paw at me…knock over lamps!  A friend suggested that I look at investing in some automatic pet feeders, and finally, I took her advice.

We purchased two Aspen Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeders and I could not be happier!  Minga no longer wakes me up at 4am, but instead she patiently waits for the feeders to dispense her early morning snack.  I wish I had purchased these feeders years ago!  If you have a cat who insists on being fed at the crack of dawn, do yourself a favor, and get one of these feeders ASAP!!

You can set the feeders to dispense the amount of food you want, at whatever time you want. They come in 5lb or 10lb models and will dispense food in increments of a 1/4 cup, or as much as 3 cups!  You can also set the feeders to dispense food up to 3 times a day.

Minga and I are much happier thanks to Aspen’s Le Bistro Pet Feeders!!

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